Party Time!

Save Monday, December 8th for the Stark Design Holiday Party…

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Celebrating 250 Years

We’re helping commemorate a big anniversary…

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LEGO Loon Devises Machine to Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes

Finally! The simple building blocks of LEGO have been excessively engineered to expedite the production and projection of paper airplanes. Just think how productive society will be now that the menial task of crafting planes is off our hands! Hit the jump for a video, but turn down your volume, lest the distasteful soundtrack poison your ears.

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Nervous Stark Interviews Mila Kunis and It’s Awesome

BBC Radio 1 personality Chris Stark, while technically unrelated to us, upholds his surname with honor, in one of the most terrific interviews we’ve ever seen. Read More

Thomas Edison, Inventor of.. LOLcats!

We all know Edison invented the light bulb (among other things) but who knew he also made one of the earliest, “hilarious” (for the time) cat videos?!   Read More

Bringin Tamagotchi Back!

Tamagotchi may have been a craze back in the 90s, but the virtual pet has persisted through the years, inspiring other interactive gaming concepts like our own Realitree, and, most recently, taking its rightful place on smartphones, with an iOS app coming out soon.  Read More

Moncler’s Human Forest

Last year’s Moncler Grenoble show on ice was cool to say the least, so we had high expectations for their Gotham Hall presentation last Saturday. We were not disappointed as we walked through the black hallway into a dark, circular room set with a dramatic scene… Read More

Freaky Paper Sculptures Not to be Trusted

We are in awe of these paper sculptures by Beijing wizard artist Li Hongbo and attribute it all to magic. Supposedly, though, they’re made of the delicate paper used for Chinese toys and decorations, layered and glued together, which Hongbo carefully bewitches chisels. The sculptures appear solid, like smooth porcelain until the piece is gently pulled, morphing eerily into some trippy shapes. Hit the jump for a super cool video.  Read More

Cat Beats Robot in Monopoly

Apparently Hasbro left it up to the Internet to choose its new Monopoly token. It’s no surprise then that the cat won out, beating four other candidates, including a robot and a helicopter! It seems our prediction of cats taking over the world was accurate.  Read More


We’re suckers for paper, even if, in this case, it’s a digital representation of it…so in that vein, here’s another thing that caught our eyes (and hearts).  Read More