Movie Title Design for “Heavy Petting”

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Stark Design directed and designed the movie title sequence with the film’s director for Heavy Petting. More description to come!



Beginning in 2005, Stark Design was hired to redesign an icon of American publishing, Billboard Magazine. For over 110 years, the magazine has tracked the business of entertainment in all forms and since the 1950′s, established itself as an inseparable facet of the music industry. We worked with the publication’s top executives to recast, reorganize and completely redesign the publication, cover to cover. Read More

Billboard Radio Monitor Magazine Redesign

James Day Photographer’s Promotional Poster

Fold-out posters promo for British photographer James Day

Aramis Ad Concepts


Aramis Lab Series advertising concepts.

Nautica Advertising Pitch

Nautica Advertising pitch (successful, for Laird & Partners)