More To Do

And we thought we were list makers! We certainly have been shown up by these To Do lists. Made (and actually used) by Mrs. Easton‘s brother, they really are works of art.

So next on our To Do list: “make cooler To Do list”. More images after the jump.

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That’s. Just. Wrong.

We find this ad campaign absolutely ridiculous. I mean, do they really expect us to believe that Grandmas have sex?? Because they don’t! Ever! And they never have in their entire lives! Ever! They were born crocheting doilies and baking bread! Leave it to the Canadians to try and mess with our heads…

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Congrats! CVS’ Nuance Salma Hayek Wins Beauty Launch of the Year

Announced today, Nuance Salma Hayek has won Launch of the Year from the WWD 2011 Beauty Inc Awards. We’re proud to have been one of the agencies working on this launch and congratulate the design team at CVS, headed up by Gaemer Gutierrez, for a job beautifully done!

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Thanks to Zemoga for introducing us to our new favorite way to waste time!

Checkout this Fancy Schmancy Keyboard and Mouse

As if there weren’t enough drool-worthy new tech designed to obliterate our financial futures, along comes this amazing Star Trek-like glass keyboard and mouse. Its not like I use it anyway, but there goes the gym membership!

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REALiTREE’s Branches are Growing

REALiTREE is a digital representation of our local environment and the role we’re playing in sustaining its well-being. It is a game played by different groups in many places. Individuals, teams, communities, cities and even countries compete against their counterparts via Twitter, Facebook and through other digital social tools.

A REALiTREE is like a huge Tamagotchi which thousands of people care for. And that’s not all.

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Al Gore Digs Our REALiTREE!

Today, we were honored to be invited to NYC’s SoHo House to present our concept “REALiTREE” to the folks at PSFK, the Climate Reality Project, Alex Bogusky, Aaron Dignan, other participants and assembled guests. It was amazing to meet Al Gore and hear his praise for REALiTREE.

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CNN Fires Real Photographers in Favor of Free Fake Ones

Does the camera make the photographer? CNN seems to think so, recently firing over 50 of its staff of photojournalists and editors, brilliantly rationalizing that quality cameras are now cheaper, smaller, and widely accessible to amateurs, who will take pictures for free. Well, then, David Burnett step aside..I’m gonna find out what kind of camera you have, get it, and take your job! And while I’m at it I’ll buy the latest and greatest medical equipment and call myself a surgeon! Who would like to be my first nose-job? I’ll do it for free!

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Photo-Lettering, uh, Digitally

We love it when long-lost, “antiquated” art forms can find a place in our ultra-cool digital world. So we thank House Industries for bringing back an old gem, straight to our computers!

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Nice Idea, But These Fries Suck

OK, we’ll admit that we would love to count McDonald’s as one of our clients…and would also relish the chance (pun intended) to do a project on this scale. But when we saw this Fries in the Sky installation in Chicago by Leo Burnett, we couldn’t help but shrug. First off, it reminds us too much of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights, not far from our offices (as Adweek also points out below). But that wasn’t the worst of it.

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One-Second Film Festival

When we first heard of the One-Second Film Festival, we were skeptical, immediately conjuring up picturesque montages à la Planet Earth. I mean, what’s one second really good for, besides some artsy scenic shots? We were pleasantly surprised, though, after watching 60 of those seconds put together (above). Our favorite is the guy with the balls…

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A Striptease for Water

Problem: How to make your bottled water stand out from the (overcrowded) crowd? Solution (obvious): Exercise bikes, women, and a neon male stripper…

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Solution to manage a moving

We live in a world where most of the things that happen to us are fast and speedy, and sometimes we also do have to follow their rapidity if we still want to live the same way we’ve been doing up to now. So it may happen that someone gets a better job opportunity in a different place and therefore he has to move there.

This is the first step that makes us look for a solution.

Not that moving is a problem, but what if it’s the very first time and we are not that much confident with the right moving quotes ? well, this can be solved by doing a search in the internet for some good moving company.

Sometimes we are often attracted by a new design and a site where everything looks so easy and bright, it’s normal if we think that would be the right kind of moving we need.

But there are also some other people who get tired off very soon and they give up the idea of contacting a moving company. These are the classic and typical people you often might see driving cars all stuffed with packages and other things… a mountain stuff all together!

Stop doing yourself! Have you ever thought how many risks you might run driving for miles such a stuffed car or truck? Not considering that the room in your car would probably not be plenty enough for all your things and packages… with all your issues in the great moving home adventure can be easily fixed because this is a company with much experience in this field.

Visit the site and look at the possible solutions you might ask for, consider the times and make a reckon with your personal expectations and needs. Be sure that your packages and fragile glass stuff will not be damaged at all!

Actually, in this company the workers pay special attention to the fragile things and they arrange the whole moving home venture with care, driving new lorries and trying to meet all of your needs.

A friendly attitude is what makes the things go the right way!

But if you still want to manage your moving all by yourself, just know that there are  also some psychological aspects you should take into account. Naturally, the same goes for those people who decide to trust their moving to a moving company: even if they are not directly overloaded with the thought and mental stress of their moving, they can still feel tired and worried all they want!

Just think about now what it would be like if they would decide to carry on all their moving by themselves! A true hard mission. Because moving is one of the most complicated things to manage: before to do packages you have to select the thing to put together inside, you have to clean everything and make a list and this is not so easy as one might believe! That’s why a moving company is the best way to move.

Another BlackBox, huh?

We weren’t surprised to discover another company using the BlackBox name but when we took one look at their beautiful products, we concluded that great minds simply think alike. Nice work other BlackBox guys!

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Eat it Up!

Talk about a new way to consume marketing, this advertisement from Volkswagen offers a new experience for the reader: to literally eat the ad. We love VW’s adventurousness, but we’re not too keen on actually taking a bite of asphalt. Nonetheless this caught our eye while working on our own edible promotion piece for a client in the gourmet food industry. Set to come out later this year, it will surely prove much tastier…

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You know we love paper. You don’t? Okay, go back through our entire website. Otherwise…

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Hello TriBeCa

We’re the new kids on the block. The 400 block to be accurate. Read More

Seeing Red

We’re thrilled to be working with Rouge Tomate Restaurant. Read More

Our Jobs…as Designers

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, we could go on and on about his accomplishments and contributions. But, wait, what about that time he stole that idea from Xerox PARC? (The one about the PC…that led to Apple’s Mac?) Yeah, well, what about it?

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Nuance by Salma Hayek

We were excited to help with the launch of Salma Hayek’s new beauty line for CVS, creating in-store displays, sample cards, and other support material.

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