Green Coke?

One of the things we love to see is when huge companies embrace big ideas that can impact millions of people and dollars. So its worth noting how wonderful this idea really is, even if we’re not crazy about the structural design itself: Coca Cola’s recyclable shelving units that imply a nearly endless life-cycle of being used to death, recycled and then made anew once more. If only we could do that to ourselves, then we wouldn’t need to worry about paying off student loans, mortgages and taxes.


From Coca Cola’s website:

Coca-Cola is developing a family of 100 percent recyclable merchandise display racks for use in grocery and convenience stores in the U.S. The corrugate GIVE IT BACK rack, pictured above, can be easily recycled at retail outlets with onsite corrugate recycling capabilities, or bottlers will return them to a Coca-Cola facility for recycling via Coca-Cola delivery trucks.


We’re really into this concept for our retail clients and actually have proposed some far-out concepts to a few of them. The more companies do these kinds of things, others will be sure to follow suit and that can only be good news for us, and the millions of others that an idea like this affects.



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