Eat it Up!

Talk about a new way to consume marketing, this advertisement from Volkswagen offers a new experience for the reader: to literally eat the ad. We love VW’s adventurousness, but we’re not too keen on actually taking a bite of asphalt. Nonetheless this caught our eye while working on our own edible promotion piece for a client in the gourmet food industry. Set to come out later this year, it will surely prove much tastier…

From AdWeek,

VW South Africa has cooked up a lovely little ad you can eat—and placed it in Auto Trader magazine. “Eat the Road,” reads the copy. “Seriously, eat it.” The ingredients are listed on the side as “glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour, glycerine.”

So we’re not sure what theirs actually tastes like, but what flavor would make eating paper impossible for you to resist?

via Geekologie < via AdWeek

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