Photo-Lettering, uh, Digitally

We love it when long-lost, “antiquated” art forms can find a place in our ultra-cool digital world. So we thank House Industries for bringing back an old gem, straight to our computers!

Photo-Lettering, the tediously hand-drawn display type, which pre-digital advertising and design once relied on, is now readily accessible to the public. The old type house Photo-lettering, Inc. (affectionately called PLINC) had over 6,500 alphabets (including hand-lettered work by icons like Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast) that were collecting dust in a warehouse…until House purchased everything and started digitizing so these works of art can be seen!

It’s a cinch: go to their site, click on “start,” type what you want, select the font, choose the color (and in some cases weights), and hand over a mere $7 for a fully scalable vector file with no usage limitations.


via Chopping Block, idsgn

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