CNN Fires Real Photographers in Favor of Free Fake Ones

Does the camera make the photographer? CNN seems to think so, recently firing over 50 of its staff of photojournalists and editors, brilliantly rationalizing that quality cameras are now cheaper, smaller, and widely accessible to amateurs, who will take pictures for free. Well, then, David Burnett step aside..I’m gonna find out what kind of camera you have, get it, and take your job! And while I’m at it I’ll buy the latest and greatest medical equipment and call myself a surgeon! Who would like to be my first nose-job? I’ll do it for free!

Okay, crowd-sourced imagery certainly has a place and value, but should it (and can it) replace a professional’s commitment and discernment?

From Popular Photo:

It’s hard to deny that with the ubiquity of cellphone cameras and their increasing quality that someone can beat a journalist to a scene, and it does feel like every other person has a print quality DSLR, but do they have enough to replace a dedicated photojournalist? There’s a lot that goes into knowing where to be and when to look in order to grab the perfect shot of a scene, which will be lost if the entire industry just crowdsources their content.

We don’t know what this means for the future of news, but it does not look pretty. We’ll leave it to Stephen Colbert to deliver the comedic tragedy of it all, and another tidbit from Harlan Ellison, god bless him for saying it like it is. Enjoy.



via Popular Photo < via FilmmakerIQ, Reddit


Photo by Gary Alexander, Some rights reserved

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