Checkout this Fancy Schmancy Keyboard and Mouse

As if there weren’t enough drool-worthy new tech designed to obliterate our financial futures, along comes this amazing Star Trek-like glass keyboard and mouse. Its not like I use it anyway, but there goes the gym membership!

The Kickstarter project by Jason Giddings will be funded by the New Year, but there’s still time to donate $250 for a keyboard, $150 for a mouse, or $350 for both, according to Geekologie.

While this is primo desk candy, we fear for our weak wrists (look at the height of that mouse!) and added OCD, constantly wiping away finger prints. Who are we kidding, though, if you have money for this you probably also have a masseuse on one side to take care of your busted wrists and a maid on the other to clean up the Cinnabon smears. Well, maybe it’s not that expensive…we’re just looking for a way to resist buying yet another über-desirable thingy.


via Geekologie < via Dvice < via Kickstarter

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