REALiTREE’s Branches are Growing

REALiTREE is a digital representation of our local environment and the role we’re playing in sustaining its well-being. It is a game played by different groups in many places. Individuals, teams, communities, cities and even countries compete against their counterparts via Twitter, Facebook and through other digital social tools.

A REALiTREE is like a huge Tamagotchi which thousands of people care for. And that’s not all.

It is a massive projection, run using renewable energy, showing a digital image of a tree, complete with leaves, branches, roots, sky and earth. REALiTREE functions like a real tree, in that it will thrive and suffer according to the health of its surrounding environment.

REALiTREE’s environment takes into account news media, so news stories that are in conflict with climate reality will reflect negatively on its health. REALiTREE will expose agents of the fossil fuel industry who propagate smear, innuendo, criminal hacking and leaking out-of-context snippets or lies.

Each REALiTREE will be fed two distinct types of data:

1. Current, statistical environmental data about the surrounding community as well as news and insights about political and corporate forces working against the climate’s good health.
2. Real-time updates, tweets and various activities of the REALiTREE’s caretakers. Anyone can participate in keeping it alive and thriving through their real-world deeds and virtual nutrients, delivered through their social networking activity. As their networks grow, they will be represented as the intertwined roots of the tree, keeping it alive, fed and guarded against attack.

The overall “health” of REALiTREE will be on constant display. With good activities, it will grow, multiply and sway appreciatively. With bad deeds, REALiTREE will appear to shake and wither. It will always display climate reality truths, news, facts and shares from participants throughout its community and all over the world. We envision “planting” many REALiTREEs in cities and towns across the globe.

Each caretaker will play on different levels and earn points by doing different things. A single tweet, for example, may garner one point while a Foursquare check-in to a “green” business or using clean energy at home will gain more points. On the REALiTREE website, through Facebook connections, people can form teams, compete against friends and measure their contributions to helping reverse the effects of climate change. On a higher level, REALiTREE (planted in New York City, for example) could compete against every other city where REALiTREE are placed.

Corporations would be allowed the opportunity to play and even remedy earlier misdeeds by correcting falsehoods and donating money to pay for real initiatives in winning communities. Those that create the healthiest environment for their REALiTREE win the game.

Below, Daniel Stark presents REALiTREE at Soho House NY, and meets Al Gore with our Assoc. CD Nancy Herrmann (photos by Louis Caldaroda).

See coverage of the event on SmartPlanet and more on PSFK here and here.


And speaking of Tamagotchi, the digital pet is celebrating its 15th Birthday! Check out the special new design here.




  1. James Johnson says:

    Nice work guys! It’s too bad Al Gore doesn’t know how to smile. But I gotta’ say — I’m jealous that you were able to meet him.

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  3. [...] to a contest organized by consulting firm  PSFK and the Climate Reality Project, designers at Stark Design have proposed an interactive concept that would create a giant Tamagotchi game for the city of New [...]

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