Thanks to Zemoga for introducing us to our new favorite way to waste time!


  1. Stark Design says:

    [...] appreciate anything that helps us procrastinate if it is both A) free and B) entertaining, and bonus points if it can fall under the guise of “productivity” / [...]

  2. Stark Design says:

    [...] Check it out here if you like cool dogs or need a another way to waste some time other than the fantastic Procatinator. [...]

  3. Stark Design says:

    [...] around here love cats, as evidenced by a consistent theme in our posts. But even for us, this is going too far. Way too [...]

  4. Stark Design says:

    [...] article to your boss immediately and you’ll be free to enjoy unlimited amounts of LOLCATS, procatinator, pandacam, and more! You’re [...]

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