Happy Whatever!

Even if you missed our holiday party, you might have heard it…with 600 balloons popping underfoot, we toasted 2012 and ushered in holiday cheer under the influence of apple cider martinis.

Hit the jump to see more of the fun — Happy Holidays to everyone and a joyous New Year!

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Animation to Die For

Take a great, classic song, couple it with gorgeous, playful, animation and a centuries-old story that evokes sadness and rage and what do you get? Magic. Enjoy, as we did.


Realitree Website

Website design for Realitree, a digital gaming concept to transform the conversation about climate change in a fun and productive way. Read More

At Last, One For the Dogs

The “Stoner Dog” meme may be funny, but weed and canines is no laughing matter… Read More

Why You Should Watch Cat Videos at Work

A Japanese study claims that looking at photos–and we’ll assume videos–of cute animals will make us more productive at work. We knew it! Based on the description of the studies done at Hiroshima University, we’re certain this conclusion is rock solid and we’re also a little jealous we don’t get to participate in cool experiments like this.  Read More

Best Client Brief Ever…

Voted Best Cat Video on the Internet

The prestigious Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis received over 10,000 submissions, but only one could win the most distinguished award, the Golden Kitty.  Read More

Canvas + IJM

We’re honored to be working with Canvas on the IJM re-branding!

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Why Will Allen is a Hero

Often times, we spend our time writing about cats, food and epic advertising failures. OK, maybe too often. So it may come as a surprise that we’re writing about a hero today. We don’t use the term lightly, either. Will Allen is really a modern-day hero. Here’s why:

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These get us every time…

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Jack Nicklaus Apparel Advertising

Advertising campaign for reintroduction of Jack Nicklaus Apparel.

Trashy Flowchart

There are two levels of laziness when it comes to taking out the trash. The first includes throwing rubbish on top of an already-full trashcan to create a tower of garbage. Shameful! The second–and more severe–is going so far as to carefully balance receptacle items on top of said tower (and then exiting the scene swiftly before all topples to the floor). Despicable! Thankfully, our Associate Creative Director Nancy has developed an ingenious way to keep our trash cans in check. No, not a trash incinerating robot…FLOWCHARTS!!

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Bermuda Tourism Campaign

Advertising, social media and interactive billboard concepts for the Bermuda Department of Tourism, part of our submitted advertising pitch materials.

Some of the strategy that supported our creative development and unique point of view for what makes Bermuda a unique vacation destination. Many thanks to Creative Directors Anthony Fisher and Kohl Norville.

Just when we thought it was all over…

We were starting to think we had seen it all until we were alerted that an Internet Cat Video Film Festival is debuting on August 30th in Minneapolis. We think this is overdue and only appropriate since the Internet was in fact made for the sole purpose of sharing cat videos. The festival organizer and “Cat-lady-in-Residence” Katie Czarniecki Hill has her own “reasons” …

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Pizza Vending Machine?

Finally, a solution to the age-old inconvenience of obtaining a pizza! Forget ordering by the phone and waiting an entire 20 minutes for someone to deliver to your door! Let’s Pizza, a pizza vending machine, is set to debut in the US this summer after its success in the UK (where the highest of food standards are known to be held?). But that’s not the best part.  Read More

Vertical Videos: Just Say No!

Whoever said that smart phones have made video recording idiot-proof is oblivious to (or stricken by) Vertical Video Syndrome. Luckily, Glove and Boots has put together this profound PSA calling attention to the serious affliction.

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How much is too much? THIS much.

We around here love cats, as evidenced by a consistent theme in our posts. But even for us, this is going too far. Way too far…

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Cat Effects!

Have you been searching far and wide for a way to cat-ify your images quickly and efficiently? Well look no further, Cat Effects, the free iphone app, allows you to stamp cats of all sizes and breeds–from kittens to lions!–on your photos…for free! A 99 cent upgrade gets you more kitties (replace word for dirty joke here), and we’re seriously considering it. However, we were able to create some outstanding photos with the free felines (hit the jump). Granted, it can’t compare to the actual image of our office (above) that was taken with real live cougars. MEOW!

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