Unicorn Poop: Taste the Rainbow!

We’ve unfortunately never come across real unicorn poo (we hear the elusive creatures steer clear of Manhattan), but luckily Instructables user Kristylynn84 has and has been able to recreate the magical droppings in the form of terrifically colorful and delicious-looking cookies. While you may never be able to catch or, much less, see a unicorn, we’re guessing a good amount of the artificial food coloring in these will stay with you forever! More photos and links to instructions after the jump.

via Geekologie < via laughingsquid < via Instructables


  1. Stark Design says:

    [...] your craving for sugary, artificially colored confections was not appeased by unicorn poop cookies, take a crack at these rainbow Piñata cookies! And then send some our way! In the spirit of Cinco [...]

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