Blackberry Stunt as Weak as Brand

We cringed when we saw the “Wake Up” flash mob stunt that Blackberry maker, RIM, admitted to organizing last month. And then we could only nod in understanding as the lame shenanigan was perfectly suited for the brand it represented. Basically, a group of people dressed in black piled out of a bus with signs and shouted “wake up” in front of the Sydney Apple store for about 15 minutes before leaving everyone more confused (yet unfazed) than before. We still don’t even know what the point was. Wake up to what?

As Tiphereth Gloria, a social media strategist at VML Australia, told The Age, “The punch line — which is the fact that BlackBerry is behind it — is what makes it fail because BlackBerry is not associated with any kind of success.”

With the brand on a steep decline, losing once-loyal customers, it seems obvious (although maybe not to RIM) that what they need is better products, not marketing tactics. The only value we can see this stunt adding is slight entertainment at the very expense of Blackberry and a great example of what not to do.


via Tuaw < via The Age

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