How much is too much? THIS much.

We around here love cats, as evidenced by a consistent theme in our posts. But even for us, this is going too far. Way too far…

MSN Now reports:

A woman in southern Israel brought 550 cats into her home, so her husband did what any normal guy would do when forced to live with so many animals — he divorced her. Fed up with his feline-fixated mate, the man told the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba that he couldn’t sleep with his wife in the same bed because it was “constantly covered with cats who refused to lie on the floor.” When the surrounded spouse tried to eat, they pounced onto the table and stole his food. Even going to the bathroom was an ordeal, with cats blocking his way at every turn. Attempts at reconciliation were unsuccessful. Maybe he’s a dog person.


via Gawker < via MSN Now

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