Pizza Vending Machine?

Finally, a solution to the age-old inconvenience of obtaining a pizza! Forget ordering by the phone and waiting an entire 20 minutes for someone to deliver to your door! Let’s Pizza, a pizza vending machine, is set to debut in the US this summer after its success in the UK (where the highest of food standards are known to be held?). But that’s not the best part. 

Let’s Pizza makes a 10.5-inch pie for under $6 in less than 2.5 minutes…from scratch! And even better, it’s made “with a guarantee of total hygiene” and “in a human-free environment.” Good riddance dirty humans and your annoying human interactions!

Alright, so we could see this as the perfect option when our options are non-existent (airports, concerts, Midtown, 3am in Wyoming, etc.) But, in general, for some reason this just seems wrong. As cool as it is that they got figured out how to do this (see the video below), when we can, we’ll take some human germs in our pizza in order to get that special touch that only comes with years of tradition, dedication, and love for the craft.

So what’s next? A vending machine for cupcakes? Oh, right



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