Why Will Allen is a Hero

Often times, we spend our time writing about cats, food and epic advertising failures. OK, maybe too often. So it may come as a surprise that we’re writing about a hero today. We don’t use the term lightly, either. Will Allen is really a modern-day hero. Here’s why:

In 1993, Will Allen, already a successful athlete and businessman decided to return to his roots and become an urban farmer, transforming tracts of decimated land on the north side of Milwaukeeinto places where people in the community could work, grow healthy food, and learn skills that had the potential of creating something new, something lasting and something infinitely good. And he’s grown his organization to other cities and spoken to groups around the world.

From their website:

Growing Power transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the development of Community Food Systems.  These systems provide high-quality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all residents in the community. Growing Power develops Community Food Centers, as a key component of Community Food Systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach, and technical assistance.

Will Allen, our Chief Executive Officer believes, “If people can grow safe, healthy, affordable food, if they have access to land and clean water, this is transformative on every level in a community.  I believe we cannot have healthy communities without a healthy food system.”

Our goal is a simple one: to grow food, to grow minds, and to grow community.

We could go on and on about Mr. Allen but we’ll let you see for yourself. Mr. Allen recently wrote a book, which you should buy here. He was also recently on the CBS Evening News (the best evening news, we think) and he’s hosting a Farm Conference in 2 weeks, which you should register for and attend!

We have given money to this organization in the past and will continue supporting it because its a meaningful group that’s doing good for individuals and communities that need it most. Keep up the good work, Mr. Allen and the entire Growing Power team!

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