Moncler’s Human Forest

Last year’s Moncler Grenoble show on ice was cool to say the least, so we had high expectations for their Gotham Hall presentation last Saturday. We were not disappointed as we walked through the black hallway into a dark, circular room set with a dramatic scene…

Surrounding the perimeter were 370 models in elevated, ascending rows, all multiplied by the mirrored ceiling to create an infinite army of futuristic ski warriors, faces concealed underneath huge goggles. A laser show broke the darkness of the room, flashing to the beat of the blasting music, which included the Star Wars theme (much to our Daniel Stark’s delight!). According to Moncler, the whole exhibition represented the mountains and trees of the Alps (shades of green dominated the ski ensembles). Whatever the point was, you totally missed out if you weren’t there, so check out the video below!

Photos courtesy of Moncler Grenoble

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