Bringin Tamagotchi Back!

Tamagotchi may have been a craze back in the 90s, but the virtual pet has persisted through the years, inspiring other interactive gaming concepts like our own Realitree, and, most recently, taking its rightful place on smartphones, with an iOS app coming out soon. 

Tamagotchi l.i.f.e is set to debut this Thursday on iTunes. What makes it better than an actual Tamagotchi you ask? Well to start, it boasts that it’s “Tamagotchi To Go!” Finally! No more lugging around that bulky, pocket-sized Tamagotchi! It also looks like it has some new graphics (while still maintaining the classic, digitized aesthetic), along with some social sharing features (so you can declare your nostalgic quirkiness to everyone on Facebook)! All kidding aside, we think this app will be fantastic…as long as you can still kill your pet by overfeeding it.


via Tuaw

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