CVS/pharmacy Store Design

Our relationship with CVS/pharmacy started by looking at their Photo services, including the footprint of the business in-store and encompassed the design of the space itself, renaming of the Photo department as well as the catalog, uniforms, name tags and any other consumer-facing touchpoint of the Photo business. Our transformative thinking led to looking at the entire store experience.

We were charged with re-thinking it in collaboration with in-house Marketing and Stores teams. Initially, the stakeholders approached the Store initiative with one problem in one particular environment: Urban Stores. Now well-known, stores that service a mostly urban consumer group tend to sell more food and grocery items than similar stores in suburban areas.

Stark Design created a research and design process that looked at the consumer, their needs and tendencies, while also tracking trends across a wide swath of retail in urban environments. Through extensive exploration and design iterations, we prototyped seven new CVS/pharmacy Store experiences around the U.S., which is in process of being rolled out across the 7,100 store chain.


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