How did we not know about this sooner??

Leave it to the Japanese to invent the official Best Idea Ever. We’ve often dreamed about filling our office with puppies or kitties to play with at will, and now we know we’re not the only ones wishing we could just hang out in a room full of pets once in a while.  Read More

If celebrities were “normal” people…

Photographer Danny Evans has redefined what it means to Photoshop celebrities, using the tool to make them look worse (and from the Midwest). We can’t get enough of chubby Kanye and Kim, even though their baby would still probably be cute (and obese). See some of our other favorites after the jump.

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PSFK Shortlists Our Concept for The Future of Work

PSFK, the world’s best source for trends, advertising, and media invited Stark Design, among hundreds of other creative agencies around the world, to develop ideas around the banner of the “Future of Work” — what tools and services for work would be needed or in use 5-7 years from now. Our concept app, ProPath, can be used by any professional at any stage of their career, providing guidance and intelligent mapping of an individual’s possible future job track. ProPath was selected along with entries from other noted agencies like Smart Design and Zemoga.

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Hats Off to Our Michelin-Starred Client

We always enjoy working with Rouge Tomate, whose menus, gourmet food cart, and new website (launching soon) have been the subjects of our attention. Of course, we also thoroughly enjoy dining at the East 60th Street restaurant, with its luscious cuisine that’s actually good for us. For that, we can thank their nutritional charter SPE (meaning “health through food”), founded by Rouge Tomate’s owner, Emmanuel Verstraeten. A certification and consulting program that focuses on the sourcing, preparing and enhancing of food, SPE is gaining momentum and caught the attention of The New York Times, which summed up our own delectable experience in their article yesterday:

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Happy Whatever!

Even if you missed our holiday party, you might have heard it…with 600 balloons popping underfoot, we toasted 2012 and ushered in holiday cheer under the influence of apple cider martinis.

Hit the jump to see more of the fun — Happy Holidays to everyone and a joyous New Year!

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Animation to Die For

Take a great, classic song, couple it with gorgeous, playful, animation and a centuries-old story that evokes sadness and rage and what do you get? Magic. Enjoy, as we did.


At Last, One For the Dogs

The “Stoner Dog” meme may be funny, but weed and canines is no laughing matter… Read More

Why You Should Watch Cat Videos at Work

A Japanese study claims that looking at photos–and we’ll assume videos–of cute animals will make us more productive at work. We knew it! Based on the description of the studies done at Hiroshima University, we’re certain this conclusion is rock solid and we’re also a little jealous we don’t get to participate in cool experiments like this.  Read More

Best Client Brief Ever…

Voted Best Cat Video on the Internet

The prestigious Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis received over 10,000 submissions, but only one could win the most distinguished award, the Golden Kitty.  Read More