Pizza Vending Machine?

Finally, a solution to the age-old inconvenience of obtaining a pizza! Forget ordering by the phone and waiting an entire 20 minutes for someone to deliver to your door! Let’s Pizza, a pizza vending machine, is set to debut in the US this summer after its success in the UK (where the highest of food standards are known to be held?). But that’s not the best part.  Read More

How much is too much? THIS much.

We around here love cats, as evidenced by a consistent theme in our posts. But even for us, this is going too far. Way too far…

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Blackberry Stunt as Weak as Brand

We cringed when we saw the “Wake Up” flash mob stunt that Blackberry maker, RIM, admitted to organizing last month. And then we could only nod in understanding as the lame shenanigan was perfectly suited for the brand it represented. Basically, a group of people dressed in black piled out of a bus with signs and shouted “wake up” in front of the Sydney Apple store for about 15 minutes before leaving everyone more confused (yet unfazed) than before. We still don’t even know what the point was. Wake up to what?

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What Will the Ohioans Come up With Next?!

Thanks to Gawker for this little, quick reminder of why advertising exists as a profession. Listen to the hilarious voicemail here from an Ohio woman who seriously believes her jingle for Quaker Oats is the next big thing. Because, really, how hard can it be?!

These Album Covers Will Blow Your Mind

All we can say is wow. We would have never been able to conceive of such art ourselves. We can only aspire to do work like this!  Read More

Plastic Furniture “Grown” from Magnets

We love all things magnetic and applaud innovative experimentation, so we think these “Gravity Stools” are a cool idea but are unfortunately and decidedly Fugly. Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel created the volanic-rock-looking stools using magnets to pull apart a molten mix of plastic and iron filings.

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That’s. Just. Wrong.

We find this ad campaign absolutely ridiculous. I mean, do they really expect us to believe that Grandmas have sex?? Because they don’t! Ever! And they never have in their entire lives! Ever! They were born crocheting doilies and baking bread! Leave it to the Canadians to try and mess with our heads…

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