What Will the Ohioans Come up With Next?!

Thanks to Gawker for this little, quick reminder of why advertising exists as a profession. Listen to the hilarious voicemail here from an Ohio woman who seriously believes her jingle for Quaker Oats is the next big thing. Because, really, how hard can it be?!

Cats Spring Into Fashion Campaigns!

Spring has sprung, and so have cats into this season’s fashion campaigns! We think they make these very-typical ads very-much-more-awesome, thanks to fashionista! Hit the jump for more (including some David Beckham).

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If Chuck Norris Were a Mouse…

As much as we hate the idea of invincible mice who could overtake New York (as if they haven’t already), this ad is pretty awesome.

Kittehz Takin’ Over Beautay

We have a longstanding belief that cats are conspiring to take over the world…and will in due time. Case in point: they are now infiltrating a once incongruous realm, makeup. French label Paul & Joe Beauté has a new cosmetics collection that features cat-embossed eye shadows and lipsticks shaped like kitties wearing mini top hats. Top hats! It seems the felines are slowly gaining control…under the clever guise of cute and novel accoutrements…

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Beauty is Only Pixel Deep

This clever, fake commercial for a new beauty product “Fotoshop by Adobé” is both an entertaining spoof of cosmetic ads and a pointed criticism. Writer and director Jesse Rosen says of his video, “This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.” We love our Photoshop but agree sometimes it can go too far!

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That’s. Just. Wrong.

We find this ad campaign absolutely ridiculous. I mean, do they really expect us to believe that Grandmas have sex?? Because they don’t! Ever! And they never have in their entire lives! Ever! They were born crocheting doilies and baking bread! Leave it to the Canadians to try and mess with our heads…

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Nice Idea, But These Fries Suck

OK, we’ll admit that we would love to count McDonald’s as one of our clients…and would also relish the chance (pun intended) to do a project on this scale. But when we saw this Fries in the Sky installation in Chicago by Leo Burnett, we couldn’t help but shrug. First off, it reminds us too much of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights, not far from our offices (as Adweek also points out below). But that wasn’t the worst of it.

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A Striptease for Water

Problem: How to make your bottled water stand out from the (overcrowded) crowd? Solution (obvious): Exercise bikes, women, and a neon male stripper…

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Eat it Up!

Talk about a new way to consume marketing, this advertisement from Volkswagen offers a new experience for the reader: to literally eat the ad. We love VW’s adventurousness, but we’re not too keen on actually taking a bite of asphalt. Nonetheless this caught our eye while working on our own edible promotion piece for a client in the gourmet food industry. Set to come out later this year, it will surely prove much tastier…

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