Thomas Edison, Inventor of.. LOLcats!

We all know Edison invented the light bulb (among other things) but who knew he also made one of the earliest, “hilarious” (for the time) cat videos?!   Read More

Cat Beats Robot in Monopoly

Apparently Hasbro left it up to the Internet to choose its new Monopoly token. It’s no surprise then that the cat won out, beating four other candidates, including a robot and a helicopter! It seems our prediction of cats taking over the world was accurate.  Read More

Dog Study

We all know that dogs tend to look like their owner (or is it the other way around?). Either way, we love this dog / font study by Vienna-based studio grafisches büro.   Read More

How did we not know about this sooner??

Leave it to the Japanese to invent the official Best Idea Ever. We’ve often dreamed about filling our office with puppies or kitties to play with at will, and now we know we’re not the only ones wishing we could just hang out in a room full of pets once in a while.  Read More

At Last, One For the Dogs

The “Stoner Dog” meme may be funny, but weed and canines is no laughing matter… Read More

Why You Should Watch Cat Videos at Work

A Japanese study claims that looking at photos–and we’ll assume videos–of cute animals will make us more productive at work. We knew it! Based on the description of the studies done at Hiroshima University, we’re certain this conclusion is rock solid and we’re also a little jealous we don’t get to participate in cool experiments like this.  Read More

Voted Best Cat Video on the Internet

The prestigious Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis received over 10,000 submissions, but only one could win the most distinguished award, the Golden Kitty.  Read More


These get us every time…

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Just when we thought it was all over…

We were starting to think we had seen it all until we were alerted that an Internet Cat Video Film Festival is debuting on August 30th in Minneapolis. We think this is overdue and only appropriate since the Internet was in fact made for the sole purpose of sharing cat videos. The festival organizer and “Cat-lady-in-Residence” Katie Czarniecki Hill has her own “reasons” …

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How much is too much? THIS much.

We around here love cats, as evidenced by a consistent theme in our posts. But even for us, this is going too far. Way too far…

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Cat Effects!

Have you been searching far and wide for a way to cat-ify your images quickly and efficiently? Well look no further, Cat Effects, the free iphone app, allows you to stamp cats of all sizes and breeds–from kittens to lions!–on your photos…for free! A 99 cent upgrade gets you more kitties (replace word for dirty joke here), and we’re seriously considering it. However, we were able to create some outstanding photos with the free felines (hit the jump). Granted, it can’t compare to the actual image of our office (above) that was taken with real live cougars. MEOW!

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If Unicorn Poop Wasn’t Enough…

If your craving for sugary, artificially colored confections was not appeased by unicorn poop cookies, take a crack at these rainbow Piñata cookies! And then send some our way! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo!

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Cats Spring Into Fashion Campaigns!

Spring has sprung, and so have cats into this season’s fashion campaigns! We think they make these very-typical ads very-much-more-awesome, thanks to fashionista! Hit the jump for more (including some David Beckham).

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If Chuck Norris Were a Mouse…

As much as we hate the idea of invincible mice who could overtake New York (as if they haven’t already), this ad is pretty awesome.

Maddie on Things

This photoblog makes us even more jealous that we don’t have an office dog, especially an agreeable one like Maddie the Coonhound who we could perch on basically anything. More after the jump!

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What happens when a curious cat falls for a flashlight on a waxed floor? Exactly what you think would happen, but it’s nonetheless entertaining and slightly sad (worth the 13 seconds it will take of your life).

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Unicorn Poop: Taste the Rainbow!

We’ve unfortunately never come across real unicorn poo (we hear the elusive creatures steer clear of Manhattan), but luckily Instructables user Kristylynn84 has and has been able to recreate the magical droppings in the form of terrifically colorful and delicious-looking cookies. While you may never be able to catch or, much less, see a unicorn, we’re guessing a good amount of the artificial food coloring in these will stay with you forever! More photos and links to instructions after the jump.

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Kittehz Takin’ Over Beautay

We have a longstanding belief that cats are conspiring to take over the world…and will in due time. Case in point: they are now infiltrating a once incongruous realm, makeup. French label Paul & Joe Beauté has a new cosmetics collection that features cat-embossed eye shadows and lipsticks shaped like kitties wearing mini top hats. Top hats! It seems the felines are slowly gaining control…under the clever guise of cute and novel accoutrements…

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Thanks to Zemoga for introducing us to our new favorite way to waste time!