Dog Study

We all know that dogs tend to look like their owner (or is it the other way around?). Either way, we love this dog / font study by Vienna-based studio grafisches büro.   Read More

The Future of Paper

Thanks to Matt Schlian and his beautiful paper sculptures, we’re sure the medium will never go out of style. We’re doing our own part to keep paper alive, but if we told you about that now, well, you know…   Read More

Best Client Brief Ever…

Why Will Allen is a Hero

Often times, we spend our time writing about cats, food and epic advertising failures. OK, maybe too often. So it may come as a surprise that we’re writing about a hero today. We don’t use the term lightly, either. Will Allen is really a modern-day hero. Here’s why:

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If Unicorn Poop Wasn’t Enough…

If your craving for sugary, artificially colored confections was not appeased by unicorn poop cookies, take a crack at these rainbow Piñata cookies! And then send some our way! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo!

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Wind Map

Check out this beautiful, live Wind Map, where data visualization meets art!

It’s a Car…It’s a Plane…It’s…BOTH!

Finally! A flying car! Taking off this spring!

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Maddie on Things

This photoblog makes us even more jealous that we don’t have an office dog, especially an agreeable one like Maddie the Coonhound who we could perch on basically anything. More after the jump!

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Gotta hand it to them

This is a campaign we missed but worth posting for its sheer beauty and ingenuity!  Read More

A Game for the Typographically Obsessed

We appreciate anything that helps us procrastinate if it is both A) free and B) entertaining, and bonus points if it can fall under the guise of “productivity” / “learning.” Enter Kern Type, the site that makes a game out of adjusting a word’s kerning (spacing between letters). As OCD type geeks, we love this, and even more so since we can “justify” (pun intended) our playing it as “professional development.” Our only qualm is that there aren’t more levels so we can waste more time learn more!

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Plastic Furniture “Grown” from Magnets

We love all things magnetic and applaud innovative experimentation, so we think these “Gravity Stools” are a cool idea but are unfortunately and decidedly Fugly. Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel created the volanic-rock-looking stools using magnets to pull apart a molten mix of plastic and iron filings.

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Unicorn Poop: Taste the Rainbow!

We’ve unfortunately never come across real unicorn poo (we hear the elusive creatures steer clear of Manhattan), but luckily Instructables user Kristylynn84 has and has been able to recreate the magical droppings in the form of terrifically colorful and delicious-looking cookies. While you may never be able to catch or, much less, see a unicorn, we’re guessing a good amount of the artificial food coloring in these will stay with you forever! More photos and links to instructions after the jump.

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This Work is F-in Awesome

We think that pretty much explains swissted, the ongoing project by Mike Joyce, NYC graphic designer, but in case you want more… Read More

More To Do

And we thought we were list makers! We certainly have been shown up by these To Do lists. Made (and actually used) by Mrs. Easton‘s brother, they really are works of art.

So next on our To Do list: “make cooler To Do list”. More images after the jump.

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Thanks to Zemoga for introducing us to our new favorite way to waste time!

Photo-Lettering, uh, Digitally

We love it when long-lost, “antiquated” art forms can find a place in our ultra-cool digital world. So we thank House Industries for bringing back an old gem, straight to our computers!

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One-Second Film Festival

When we first heard of the One-Second Film Festival, we were skeptical, immediately conjuring up picturesque montages à la Planet Earth. I mean, what’s one second really good for, besides some artsy scenic shots? We were pleasantly surprised, though, after watching 60 of those seconds put together (above). Our favorite is the guy with the balls…

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Nooka Reaction

We are honored to call Nooka’s Matthew Waldman a friend and, more so, they are a great inspiration to all of us. It comes as no surprise, then, that two of their watches have been added to the permanent collection of the JIDA Museum in Japan. And that’s not even the best part.

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