CNN Fires Real Photographers in Favor of Free Fake Ones

Does the camera make the photographer? CNN seems to think so, recently firing over 50 of its staff of photojournalists and editors, brilliantly rationalizing that quality cameras are now cheaper, smaller, and widely accessible to amateurs, who will take pictures for free. Well, then, David Burnett step aside..I’m gonna find out what kind of camera you have, get it, and take your job! And while I’m at it I’ll buy the latest and greatest medical equipment and call myself a surgeon! Who would like to be my first nose-job? I’ll do it for free!

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Nice Idea, But These Fries Suck

OK, we’ll admit that we would love to count McDonald’s as one of our clients…and would also relish the chance (pun intended) to do a project on this scale. But when we saw this Fries in the Sky installation in Chicago by Leo Burnett, we couldn’t help but shrug. First off, it reminds us too much of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights, not far from our offices (as Adweek also points out below). But that wasn’t the worst of it.

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