Hats Off to Our Michelin-Starred Client

We always enjoy working with Rouge Tomate, whose menus, gourmet food cart, and new website (launching soon) have been the subjects of our attention. Of course, we also thoroughly enjoy dining at the East 60th Street restaurant, with its luscious cuisine that’s actually good for us. For that, we can thank their nutritional charter SPE (meaning “health through food”), founded by Rouge Tomate’s owner, Emmanuel Verstraeten. A certification and consulting program that focuses on the sourcing, preparing and enhancing of food, SPE is gaining momentum and caught the attention of The New York Times, which summed up our own delectable experience in their article yesterday:

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Pizza Vending Machine?

Finally, a solution to the age-old inconvenience of obtaining a pizza! Forget ordering by the phone and waiting an entire 20 minutes for someone to deliver to your door! Let’s Pizza, a pizza vending machine, is set to debut in the US this summer after its success in the UK (where the highest of food standards are known to be held?). But that’s not the best part.  Read More

If Unicorn Poop Wasn’t Enough…

If your craving for sugary, artificially colored confections was not appeased by unicorn poop cookies, take a crack at these rainbow Piñata cookies! And then send some our way! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo!

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Unicorn Poop: Taste the Rainbow!

We’ve unfortunately never come across real unicorn poo (we hear the elusive creatures steer clear of Manhattan), but luckily Instructables user Kristylynn84 has and has been able to recreate the magical droppings in the form of terrifically colorful and delicious-looking cookies. While you may never be able to catch or, much less, see a unicorn, we’re guessing a good amount of the artificial food coloring in these will stay with you forever! More photos and links to instructions after the jump.

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Nice Idea, But These Fries Suck

OK, we’ll admit that we would love to count McDonald’s as one of our clients…and would also relish the chance (pun intended) to do a project on this scale. But when we saw this Fries in the Sky installation in Chicago by Leo Burnett, we couldn’t help but shrug. First off, it reminds us too much of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights, not far from our offices (as Adweek also points out below). But that wasn’t the worst of it.

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Eat it Up!

Talk about a new way to consume marketing, this advertisement from Volkswagen offers a new experience for the reader: to literally eat the ad. We love VW’s adventurousness, but we’re not too keen on actually taking a bite of asphalt. Nonetheless this caught our eye while working on our own edible promotion piece for a client in the gourmet food industry. Set to come out later this year, it will surely prove much tastier…

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