Why Will Allen is a Hero

Often times, we spend our time writing about cats, food and epic advertising failures. OK, maybe too often. So it may come as a surprise that we’re writing about a hero today. We don’t use the term lightly, either. Will Allen is really a modern-day hero. Here’s why:

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REALiTREE on Fog Melt

Thanks to Carol Emert of fog melt for her article about REALiTREE! It was great to discuss the project with her, and we’re glad she called attention to an awesome initiative that served as powerful inspiration for us, Tidy Street in Brighton, England where residents were given home electricity monitors to help reduce their energy use. A local artist painted the unfolding infographic on the street to track their progress and participants ended up cutting their energy bills an average of 15%. Read More

Congrats to Friends PSFK, the Next-Gen of Consulting Firms

We’ve long-admired the work of PSFK and founder/president Piers Fawkes, and we’re glad to see that the media is recognizing them too! Check out CNN’s article on the consulting firm here.

Today, TriplePundit also acknowledged PSFK’s collaboration with The Climate Reality Project and its Gaming for Good challenge. Stark Design was proud to join in this effort; see PSFK’s coverage of our Realitree concept here.

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REALiTREE’s Branches are Growing

REALiTREE is a digital representation of our local environment and the role we’re playing in sustaining its well-being. It is a game played by different groups in many places. Individuals, teams, communities, cities and even countries compete against their counterparts via Twitter, Facebook and through other digital social tools.

A REALiTREE is like a huge Tamagotchi which thousands of people care for. And that’s not all.

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Al Gore Digs Our REALiTREE!

Today, we were honored to be invited to NYC’s SoHo House to present our concept “REALiTREE” to the folks at PSFK, the Climate Reality Project, Alex Bogusky, Aaron Dignan, other participants and assembled guests. It was amazing to meet Al Gore and hear his praise for REALiTREE.

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Green Coke?

One of the things we love to see is when huge companies embrace big ideas that can impact millions of people and dollars. So its worth noting how wonderful this idea really is, even if we’re not crazy about the structural design itself: Coca Cola’s recyclable shelving units that imply a nearly endless life-cycle of being used to death, recycled and then made anew once more. If only we could do that to ourselves, then we wouldn’t need to worry about paying off student loans, mortgages and taxes.

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