The Future of Paper

Thanks to Matt Schlian and his beautiful paper sculptures, we’re sure the medium will never go out of style. We’re doing our own part to keep paper alive, but if we told you about that now, well, you know…   Read More

Wind Map

Check out this beautiful, live Wind Map, where data visualization meets art!

Gotta hand it to them

This is a campaign we missed but worth posting for its sheer beauty and ingenuity!  Read More

This Work is F-in Awesome

We think that pretty much explains swissted, the ongoing project by Mike Joyce, NYC graphic designer, but in case you want more… Read More

More To Do

And we thought we were list makers! We certainly have been shown up by these To Do lists. Made (and actually used) by Mrs. Easton‘s brother, they really are works of art.

So next on our To Do list: “make cooler To Do list”. More images after the jump.

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Video of the Day

Not much to say here, this is just brilliant and shows what can be done with little “budget,” good ideas and a great client. With a chuckle, we are inspired today!
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