LEGO Loon Devises Machine to Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes

Finally! The simple building blocks of LEGO have been excessively engineered to expedite the production and projection of paper airplanes. Just think how productive society will be now that the menial task of crafting planes is off our hands! Hit the jump for a video, but turn down your volume, lest the distasteful soundtrack poison your ears.

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Freaky Paper Sculptures Not to be Trusted

We are in awe of these paper sculptures by Beijing wizard artist Li Hongbo and attribute it all to magic. Supposedly, though, they’re made of the delicate paper used for Chinese toys and decorations, layered and glued together, which Hongbo carefully bewitches chisels. The sculptures appear solid, like smooth porcelain until the piece is gently pulled, morphing eerily into some trippy shapes. Hit the jump for a super cool video.  Read More


We’re suckers for paper, even if, in this case, it’s a digital representation of it…so in that vein, here’s another thing that caught our eyes (and hearts).  Read More

The Future of Paper

Thanks to Matt Schlian and his beautiful paper sculptures, we’re sure the medium will never go out of style. We’re doing our own part to keep paper alive, but if we told you about that now, well, you know…   Read More

Eat it Up!

Talk about a new way to consume marketing, this advertisement from Volkswagen offers a new experience for the reader: to literally eat the ad. We love VW’s adventurousness, but we’re not too keen on actually taking a bite of asphalt. Nonetheless this caught our eye while working on our own edible promotion piece for a client in the gourmet food industry. Set to come out later this year, it will surely prove much tastier…

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You know we love paper. You don’t? Okay, go back through our entire website. Otherwise…

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