LEGO Loon Devises Machine to Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes

Finally! The simple building blocks of LEGO have been excessively engineered to expedite the production and projection of paper airplanes. Just think how productive society will be now that the menial task of crafting planes is off our hands! Hit the jump for a video, but turn down your volume, lest the distasteful soundtrack poison your ears.

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Bringin Tamagotchi Back!

Tamagotchi may have been a craze back in the 90s, but the virtual pet has persisted through the years, inspiring other interactive gaming concepts like our own Realitree, and, most recently, taking its rightful place on smartphones, with an iOS app coming out soon.  Read More

Pizza Vending Machine?

Finally, a solution to the age-old inconvenience of obtaining a pizza! Forget ordering by the phone and waiting an entire 20 minutes for someone to deliver to your door! Let’s Pizza, a pizza vending machine, is set to debut in the US this summer after its success in the UK (where the highest of food standards are known to be held?). But that’s not the best part.  Read More

Vertical Videos: Just Say No!

Whoever said that smart phones have made video recording idiot-proof is oblivious to (or stricken by) Vertical Video Syndrome. Luckily, Glove and Boots has put together this profound PSA calling attention to the serious affliction.

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Checkout this Fancy Schmancy Keyboard and Mouse

As if there weren’t enough drool-worthy new tech designed to obliterate our financial futures, along comes this amazing Star Trek-like glass keyboard and mouse. Its not like I use it anyway, but there goes the gym membership!

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You know we love paper. You don’t? Okay, go back through our entire website. Otherwise…

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Our Jobs…as Designers

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, we could go on and on about his accomplishments and contributions. But, wait, what about that time he stole that idea from Xerox PARC? (The one about the PC…that led to Apple’s Mac?) Yeah, well, what about it?

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