Let's use this page for build Q&A

  1. Does Hi pop-up have a (white) background covering all page content?
    How does the background overlay animate? Slides in or dissolves?
    Location of ‘x’ to close it
    Sizing of all pieces: overall height, field lengths, font sizing, input color
  2. Sliders for Portfolio & BusCards: https://smartslider3.com/tag/carousel/ (recurring expense)… or custom code (one-time expense)?
  3. Experience Page – does the slider use arrows, or just a sliderbar, or both, or no arrows or sliderbar at all (my pref) ?
  4. > also, on Experience, if the section “Featured Projects” had a colored background, you’d be able to see it sliding, more.
    >> Also, possibility to “push” contents with expandable container
  5. When a project is revealed on Experience, the bottom (of the revealed template) will show SHARE and CLOSE buttons. NEXT is problematic. SHARE should just share a link to a project page URL. These project pages should have a header – probably the SD on a 60% sticky header. The SD would link back to either LANDING or EX.
  6. All images at 1200px wide (jpeg7)
  7. Corner “icons” at  76×76 
  8. Let’s choose a specifc hexcode for the orange that we use
  9. Create SD – 76px tall including transparent space (save as PNG)
  10. Is the header true black #000 ?
  11. Color for site (not page) background (#121212 ?)
  12. Color for page background (#fff or #eee or?)
  13. Column proportions and text placements

Daniel Stark, Founder & Creative Director. Daniel’s diverse background in advertising, publishing, apparel and media at companies like GQ Magazine, Baron & Baron, Ann Taylor, Harper’s Bazaar and Nielsen drives his multidisciplinary approach and an uncompromising quest for simplicity.

He has created well-known campaigns, identity programs, packaging systems and digital & physical products for a diverse mix of consumer brands, services and companies including CVS Health, Prophet, Elf Cosmetics, Staples, PSFK, L’Oreal, Doremus and NYU.

Daniel is also an inventor, podcast host and author / creator of PaperMade books and products that feature flat character designs, pre-cut and pre-scored, that fold up into 3D paper toys. He lives in the greater New York City area with his family.

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