Stubble & ‘Stache

Identity, Packaging, Collateral Signage

An epic line of beard and facial care products for men who grow epic beards — founded by an epic man and former special operations Marine. The brief, not to mention the end result, had to be… epic.
S+S is a company that embraces the highest standards of operation and integrity — mirroring our own commitments — by meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

The Challenge

Update the original packaging to increase the perceived value and aesthetic — essentially, re-create it as the luxury brand that it is. And, as an added bonus, could we instill the brand, packaging, etc. with a hint of its origin in the world of military and special forces service too.

The Solution

We explored a wide variety of symbols, monograms and icons to find the best “S+S” mark. Once we found that, we wanted to show the luxury of the brand by incorporating matte and shiny black surfaces with shiny copper foil.

Daniel Stark, Founder & Creative Director. Daniel’s diverse background in advertising, publishing, apparel and media at companies like GQ Magazine, Baron & Baron, Ann Taylor, Harper’s Bazaar and Nielsen drives his multidisciplinary approach and an uncompromising quest for simplicity.

He has created well-known campaigns, identity programs, packaging systems and digital & physical products for a diverse mix of consumer brands, services and companies including CVS Health, Prophet, Elf Cosmetics, Staples, PSFK, L’Oreal, Doremus and NYU.

Daniel is also an inventor, podcast host and author / creator of PaperMade books and products that feature flat character designs, pre-cut and pre-scored, that fold up into 3D paper toys. He lives in the greater New York City area with his family.

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